STEAM specialist, Kate Mason (2016) argues, ‘visual literacy is a mode of thinking that helps us understand and navigate the world around us and is a vital tool in an increasingly visual and digital age’. Visual literacy plays a vital role in enhancing learning and innovation. Why? Because the digital world is a visual world. To construct knowledge and to innovate, we must be able to visualise since most information is initially processed through our eyes.

Designers, engineers, scientists and mathematicians encourage sketching multiple iterations of ideas.. There is often a rush to complete in education which limits students basic need for skill mastery to genuinely progress in their learning. Structuring design thinking activities so students can go deep with their learning and produce more than one iteration of their idea should be a core consideration when designing the task.

Ultimately, visual literacy offers a wide spectrum of opportunities to enhance STEAM-based learning. Imagery truly is universal, and through acknowledging and valuing the potential of visual literacy across STEAM related areas, we can equip our students with the tools they need to mine their imaginations for innovation.

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