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The need for emphasis Arts and its impact on Visual literacy

Visual skills are essential for a sophisticated workforce, yet so little emphasis is placed on its worth throughout education. So the vital skills of learning to see and developing the ability to interpret and critique our image-saturated world is missed by many. If creative arts were a core component of curriculum students will become more

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Encouraging Visual Literacy in Education

Much like digital literacy, visual literacy is cross disciplinary and can be applied in most subject areas. Therefore, educators are encouraged to not only understand how these visuals can be used as educational resources, but how they can add value to activities in the classroom. Experts at MESH, an independent education organisation, have written a

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The importance of Visual literacy in STEM

STEAM specialist, Kate Mason (2016) argues, ‘visual literacy is a mode of thinking that helps us understand and navigate the world around us and is a vital tool in an increasingly visual and digital age’. Visual literacy plays a vital role in enhancing learning and innovation. Why? Because the digital world is a visual world.

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