VLEE Toolkit


Visual thinking is a process which can help engineers to convey complex ideas more simply. In recent years digital tools have transformed the process of visual thinking. BUT digital visual literacy is not widely promoted in engineering education. Furthermore, our studies have shown that there is lack of understanding of the importance of visual literacy and thinking in the field of engineering education. This toolkit is a practical resource which seeks to redress this.

Our VLEE expert team of engineering educators and pedagogic designers provide practical guidance to engineering educators on incorporating digital design tools into their day-to-day work, ultimately improving the quality and relevance of the education they provide to their engineering graduates.

For the student, the benefits are two-fold; they will increase their visual literacy and digital competencies while also further preparing themselves for entry into the smart digital Industry 4.0 world of work.

We invite you to explore our VISUAL LITERACY FOR ENGINEERING EDUCATION TOOLKIT and learn about present 25 of the top visual digital tools for engineering education.

How to use this toolkit

Our toolkit has 6 sections, you can preview the content of each of these sections by clicking on the visuals below.
Please download the toolkit sections to use interactive elements, watch videos and more.